How do I order a gold record?Call us or email.  Our standard record with the easel back is priced at $35 + $5 shipping. This is for a blank unlabeled record, which includes a separate blank label that you can print. The label can be used as a 7" 45 RPM style with a large center hole, or it can be a 7" 33 Extended Play with a 1/4" hole, or the entire 3 & 1/2" area can be used for a logo, a picture, or an image of whatever nature. If you want us to do the label, there is a setup charge depending on the complexity of the label, usually in the range of $10-$30. Production is generally within 2-4 weeks depending on what orders are in process already.

How do I buy these for my clients?If you're buying wholesale for pro use, you can buy 10 at a time of the seven inch easelback gold record for $250 with separate labels, and you can print your own labels as you need them.  Call us at the number found on the "CONTACT US" page to discuss your requirements. For specific orders, email over your wording for the label, and call with credit card info, number and expiration. Include the address to send it to. Production time is 2-4 weeks.

FYI: We are excited about the new breed of lightweight, inexpensive color laser printers, such as the Samsung CLP-300 color laser printer that only weighs 30 pounds, and is portable. This allows you to print labels at an event, for karaoke competition for example, that the winner would be able to take with them on the spot. This printer is available as a refurb on Ebay and other channels for less than $100. Color laser printer, portable, light,  small, refurbished like new, under a hundred bucks? That's amazing! and it opens some exciting doors.

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