A Brief History of Our Company, Gold Records Custom Made

For many years we manufactured and imported our raw gold record blanks from Europe to achieve the quality we require. The problems connected with such distances eventually led us to develop our own technology here in the US. When we could find no one capable of making the necessary dies for stamping and molding our superlative gold records, we made our own.

One great advantage from this is that because of our proprietary technology we can offer our gold records at higher quality for a fraction of the usual cost.

We make several different kinds of gold and silver colored records for commemoratives. The heavy vinyl free standing records have a classic look and are very popular. We also press another kind of  playable gold and platinum record which also has music in its grooves, likewise pressed in multi-ton presses. For these we use a similar technology to that developed by Evatone, a company in Florida that pressed millions of Soundpages, very thin recordings sometimes called "flexies". These "flexies" have been bound into the pages of magazines such as Guitar Player, Keyboard, and Downbeat, and are carried on the larger sheet that forms their background, so that the overall sheet is square. Mounting is easier and more secure.

Honda, Sears, State Farm, Ford Motor, GMAC, Shearson Lehman, Chemical Bank, McDonalds and AAA have all used our gold records for employee and dealer recognition. Reba McEntire and Frito-Lay have used them for touring staff recognition. Peavey Electronics used them as awards for employee recognition, sales reps, and sports competitions that they have sponsored. Cirque du Soleleil has used many hundreds for employee recognition for designers, technicians, acrobats and artists at several show openings (Love: The Beatles, Michael Jackson One, and Viva Elvis).

We also supply DJ's with wedding first dance gold records that permanently preserve the thrill of their client's wedding first dance. The DJ's are happy too, with their contact information unobtrusively included on the label where it becomes discreet and permanently displayed advertising for them.

In the 1990's we had installations making gold records on-site for Opryland in Nashville, and Universal Studios Hollywood. Back then we used a flatbed plotter to print directly on gold records and plates. This let us make personalized gold records on the spot at events ranging from bar mitzvahs to Beatlemania and the Los Angeles KLSX Rockathon. 

After being in California for many years, we are now located in Pennsylvania near New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Being close to the highly demanding east coast markets gives us quick access to the advanced and unusual industrial capabilities we require.

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