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Guaranteed Referrals! "It really boosts my business. It just delights the crowd completely, everybody just gets really joyous about it when they see the product come out. They're really impressed with the way it looks, yeah it's just a really good tool." -Al West, West Entertainment, CA

"Every time I give out one of your records the brides always get tears in their eyes. I have had so many referrals since I started to give these records out. You all ROCK thank you so much." -Frank Weston, America's Mobile Music, Utah

Our specialty is framed Gold Records that can neatly, almost secretly, show contact information for you, the DJ. While business cards and brochures are effective tools for landing new business, they tend to get filed out of sight (if not in the round file). DJ’s that use the gold record awards find them continuously displayed in a place of honor at the home of the bride and groom, and DJ’s gain new referrals and clients because of it. Logos and company names can become the label on the record, for even greater recognition and prestige. Many companies use them as well for ad specialty purposes. You may be most interested in Wedding First Dance or Karaoke applications.

DJ. Gold Records Bring More Events and More Money per Event

Wedding First Dance The wedding market has always been good to DJ's. There are lots of weddings and often big budgets. In actual stats from the U.S. Department of Vital Statistics, 2.3 million weddings are held each year, at an average cost of $8,000. The reception accounts for a third of that amount, so $2,600 is going into the average reception. There's a good piece of business in there for the DJ.

This is a Very effective and inexpensive tool for getting new gigs The first dance gold record, awarded to the bride and groom, is usually given as the couple hits the dance floor. The record has your name on the label or on the plate at the bottom so when it's passed around the room, all the oohs and aahs are connected to you. When the couple hangs it in their den, it becomes treasured permanent advertising. New events are often secured on the spot at the wedding. In competitive bidding situations, offering the gold record tips the balance to the DJ that has it. The record includes custom engraving on the plate beneath the gold record, with a glass coverplate and gold frame. We will put your name and number in the fine print on the record label so when someone looks closely, they can easily find you in the future.

Karaoke Karaoke has proven to be a growing segment of the music industry. Karaoke contests work well for bringing in the crowds that bar owners want. These same gold records, which have been used by DKKaraoke, JVC, Nikkodo and others, are good for DJ's and clubs for the same reasons that they excel at weddings: high perceived value, low cost, treasured permanent advertising for the club and repeat business for the DJ. The corporate ad specialty side of the business can be a moneymaker as well. If a company is using you for their parties, make the event into an awards ceremony, too! Sell them Gold Records at retail for their salesmen or special clients and you could double the money you earn from the event. This also sets you up for a continuity program; next year they will come back to you for more gold records for the new winners.

Instant Personalized Trophies Small, portable color laser printers such as the Samsung CLP-300 now make it possible for anyone to print professional and durable labels on the spot (refurbs available now in late 2007 on Ebay for under $100 -that's unbelievable for a color laser printer!). Winner's labels at events such as Karaoke contests can be applied immediately to a waiting gold record trophy. People want instant gratification; here it is and you can give it to them.

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