7 inch and 12 inch easelback gold records

Gold Record Awards, and Platinum Record Awards

We make gold and silver colored vinyl records. Gold colored records capture the thrill of important events and accomplishments. Words connected with music are recognized as a song, and your gold record is recognition of you connected forever with the occasion you commemorate. We help you to be remembered in a brilliant and beautifully musical way.


Gold Record Award 7" with full plate

Gold Record Award 12" with graphic on plate

Platinum Record Award 12" with red suede mat

Platinum Record Award 7" with graphic on plate

Gold Record Award 7" LF red suede mat gold edge

Gold Record Award 7" Easelback


You will be gratefully remembered when you give one of our personalized mirror gold or platinum record awards. Shown at the top is a free standing gold record format. Our standard gold records are 7 inches round, with an easel back that has a hinged hanging hook as well. We also have 12 inch easelbacks and various framed options. The custom label highlights you or the receiver, with any image and wording you desire. Your gift of a gold record will swing wide a window to the magic of music. These awards permanently spotlight you while they inspire the recipient.

  • The perfect gift
  • Any color, but especially gold and silver records
  • Standard gold records are 7 or 12 inches
  • Framed or free standing format
  • Stand is easel backed and also has hanging hook
  • Exceptional value, very cost-effective
  • Your own custom record label promotes you or the receiver


With retail price starting at $35, our gold records are valuable for:

  • Gift givers, who use them for birthdays, anniversaries,  promotions at work, special events or just plain fun;
  • Decor at restaurants, studios, movie sets, photo shoots, videos, anywhere needing music or show-biz atmosphere;
  • KJ's, who use them as prizes for singers and karaoke events;
  • Disc jockeys, who use them for First Dance at weddings , Mitzvahs, parties, Anniversaries;
  • Companies, as recognition and incentive awards.

Disclaimer We have no affiliation with, nor certification from, the RIAA. Our awards do not commemorate sales of phonograph records or sound recordings at various sales levels.

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