Employee Recognition Awards, 

also for Non-Profit Organizations

gold record award on easelback framed platinum record award          framed gold record award


If you are a corporate HR executive, you've seen more than your share of recognition plaques, engraved crystal and embroidered jackets. You know by now that the challenge is to find some way to say "you're special and we know it," and have it last longer than tickets to a show, or a dinner date. Here is a happy answer to that challenge, with a range of options in size and elegance of presentation. The easelbacked standalone gold record is a convertible with the top down, and the framed gold record behind glass is a cruising limo, but they all have a vibe that's a cross between a Harley and a Merc, giving the best of both worlds.

Cirque du Soleil, Starbucks, GM, ADP, Honda, AAA and too many others to mention have gotten fast, accurate help in meeting their presentation and recognition deadlines with our personalized, gleaming gold and platinum records. You think of the gasps and smiles and shock of delight when your employees get their gold record. You know they will treasure it, and who they got it from, far more than money, or tickets to the game which are gone in a heartbeat. No, this gold record will be proudly displayed in a lasting place of honor, with your company in its spotlight. Your turn to smile as you think about what the label will say.

"Of all the promotional gifts that we've given to our dealers and our sales representatives, the gold records have been the best received and those have immediately hung in their offices. Half of those records developed larger orders, they actually said Hey I'll place a larger order because they saw the recognition of their value." -Jack Nau, Director of Sales, EMG Active Pickups, CA

Our specialty is gold records that thrill your employees and clients and other people important to your business. They remind them of their satisfaction in dealing with you and your company. While business cards and brochures are effective tools for some purposes, they tend to get filed out of sight (if not in the round file). People that give our gold record awards find them prominently and permanently displayed.

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