Mini Gold Record Magnets

We make gold and silver colored vinyl records for your special occasions. Gold  records permanently capture the thrill of important events and accomplishments. Available now for the first time, this miniature gold record magnet will spread your message and keep it in the spotlight. You can print your own labels or we can print and apply them for you. Magnet size is just over 3 inches with a large one inch magnet on the back. As always with our records, there is real music in the grooves of these playable miniature gold records.


We have two styles of mini gold records. One is a rigid-backed .060" (1/16") ABS with a strong, heavy magnet on its back. The other style is a thin, flexible, sticky backed gold record that can be peeled and stuck to most surfaces, including curves. It's similar to heavy bumper sticker material but with a mirror reflective protected surface. The label  image area is either 1.5" for a 45 RPM look, or a slightly smaller 1.31" label to look closer to an album or 33 RPM  dance single.

hand holding mini gold record magnet
  • The perfect ad specialty!
  • Very cost-effective
  • Any color, but especially gold and silver records
  • Very strong magnet backed
  • Miniature gold record is 3 inches round
  • Print your own custom record label
  • Packed in clear poly bag

You will be remembered with this constant reminder when your clients have your personalized reflective gold record magnet. This magnet is  a free standing gold record, 3 inches round, with a powerful one inch round magnet back. The custom label has any image and wording you desire, and you can print them for special occasions yourself with an inkjet or laser printer.

Many people collect magnets and are looking for unusual and authentic original creations. These playable records will be valued and unique music themed additions to their collections. They stand out like a spotlight with your image at their center. Any event or campaign with a music theme will last forever when framed with this genuine playable gold record magnet.

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