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"Of all the promotional gifts that we've given to our dealers and our sales representatives, the gold records have been the best received and those have immediately hung in their offices. Half of those records developed larger orders, they actually said Hey I'll place a larger order because they saw the recognition of their value. We sent out seventeen gold records and we got nine $1000 orders in two weeks. People having EMG day and jumping up and down going Look what I got! It's a big deal in the music industry. We could have given them a $200 leather jacket, but a lot of the guys were just knocked out that here's their name on this record with an EMG graphic. It's the ultimate Thank You, you know very affordable too, you're talking for under $50 or so to get the guy to be knocked out. You know if you were to give the guy a $50 dollar bill and to give him a gold record, you couldn't even compare. I mean I know a lot of the guys I've worked with Here's 50 bucks you go oh thanks man I can buy lunch. Whereas the fifty dollar or 60 dollar gold record, it sits on the wall... forever...People go Yeah that's very cool." -Jack Nau, Director of Sales, EMG Active Pickups, CA .

Al West, West Entertainment, California
It really boosts my business. It just delights the crowd completely, everybody just gets really joyous about it when they see the product come out. They're really impressed with the way it looks, yeah it's just a really good tool. (A billboard on your client's wall?) Right, exactly, all my clients really enjoy them, matter of fact I got a call the other day from one that we did back in what was it, February of last year, the client was just calling to thank me again for the plaque and say that it's something that they really cherish, they look at it all the time."

Frank Weston, America's Mobile Music, Utah
"I appreciate everything you all do back there. Every time I give out one of your records the brides always get tears in their eyes. I have had so many referrals since I started to give these records out. You all rock! Thank you so much."

Kim Curry, A very satisfied customer, California
"I received the records on Friday. I am so pleased with the product and the professionalism in which you handled this project from the time I called you on the phone until I received the items. You and your company are truly a class act and I am again very pleased with my purchased product. I will be sure to give your company kudos at the celebration dinner this Saturday. Again thanks."

Ryan Kellinghaus, Uptown Enterprises, Ohio
"The first wedding I did the bride and groom hugged me and the bride started to cry and the rest of the night, people were constantly coming up and stating, I've never seen a DJ do that before. I have some really good DJ's that I subcontract to, like the guy that goes out for $899 and the first time that he did a gig for me, he called me the next day and this guy's been DJing for as long as I have about 12 years and he said Man that was unbelievable, where do you get these things? He just went on and on about it. I can't say enough about it."

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